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There are many different museums in the United States that are simply breathtaking. One of them is the Brooklyn Museum. Why it is worth visiting, read our article on brooklyn-future.

What makes the museum interesting

The Brooklyn Museum is a well-hidden gem in the city. It has been functioning since 1895 and in many ways coincides with Brooklyn, which has become a trendy neighborhood full of culture. Thanks to its majestic architecture, it is the second largest museum in New York.

First of all, it’s an atmosphere of art and creativity in a beautiful building with an interesting mix of art. The collections and various exhibits presented here are interesting and modern and they host numerous public programs, such as art for teenagers and poetry events.  Various exhibitions are also organized. For example, Dior. This white room with mirrors showing the process of creating couture clothes was breathtaking.

The museum looks very impressive. The Brooklyn Museum is not as popular with tourists as other museums in the city, but it has huge expositions and grounds. Spacious halls. Temporary exhibitions are held. I am pleased with the approach to the ticket price as you choose it yourself, you can donate $20 for two, you can donate $5, and the price is “free” although there are “official prices”. Another advantage is that there is a botanical park and a zoo nearby, where you can have a great time.

You can spend the whole day looking at historical antiques. Many visitors like the fact that everything is changing in the museum. It offers exhibits about what is happening now, from amazing artists from all over the world. The exhibits are diverse with sculptures, paintings, videos, sounds, abstract art, etc. In the summer of 2022, an exhibition by the famous American fashion designer Virgil Abloh was presented.

One day will be enough to visit all the exhibitions. There are not too many visitors, so you will have time to look at all the expositions quietly. Special exhibition areas are designed so that everyone can get acquainted with art without feeling rushed.

There is a space in the museum where visitors can write, draw, or otherwise document works of art.

The section on Ancient Egypt is particularly interesting. The exhibition of graphics from Rembrandt, and Dürer to Picasso and Kandinsky is stunning. The museum also features contemporary art.

There is one of the oldest attractions of America: a large selection of hidden collections and artifacts from the Brooklyn Museum on the fifth floor, alongside the solemnly restrained portraits of wealthy colonizers. These are some of the things that are not placed on the walls and display cases of the institution, including formal art, as well as more mundane items such as a dozen old-school alarm clocks and wall clocks. You can also see European and American art there. You can also go to the pantry, where things are stored behind glass. The items are professionally lit and arranged on top shelves.

What you need to know

To avoid waiting in line at the front desk, buy tickets online on the museum’s website.

The museum has an on-site restaurant, as well as a small canteen and a gift shop. This museum has a parking lot, but you can find street parking.

Also, during the covid disease, the museum staff requires visitors to wear a mask.

Every first Saturday, admission is free and there is a huge party in the museum. If you are ever in the city, you should definitely visit this museum. It is located in New York City. It is located at 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn. You can get to the museum by subway. In particular, to the 2/3 line. It is next to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

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