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The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York’s most popular sights and the oldest suspension bridge in the United States. It is a must-see for everyone, citizens and tourists! The bridge provides breathtaking views of Manhattan skyscrapers and the harbor, making you want to spin your head 360 degrees to take in all of the beauty and scenery. Learn more in our article at brooklyn-future.

History of the bridge

This bridge in New York City first opened in 1883. It is the world’s largest suspension bridge, as well as the first to be constructed with steel cables. By the way, it is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. Its length is 1,825 meters. It was given its present name in 1915.

The bridge serves both pedestrian and transport traffic. Cyclists use it too. Cars pass beneath the bridge, and above there is a pedestrian area that also features a bike path. If you get tired, there are benches on the bridge to sit. Even though there is a constant stream of people crossing the bridge, you can still take in the scenery. You can enjoy a stroll or relax on the benches and observation deck. The view changes during the day and night, but it is always breathtaking.

In 1964, the bridge was designated as a National Historic Landmark. The design process of the bridge took two years. The New York City administration approved the bridge project in 1867, and construction began in January 1870. It took 13 years to complete the bridge construction. In May 1883, it was officially opened. The construction cost was $15.1 million.

On the first day, about 2,000 thousand vehicles and approximately 150 thousand pedestrians used the bridge. However, allegations arose that the bridge was not reliable. To reassure residents, authorities had 21 elephants from a local circus cross it.

As a result, the bridge made it possible to connect Brooklyn and New York.

Did you know that the bridge once featured two train tracks (for Metro trains), four lanes for horse-drawn carriages and then cars? Then a pedestrian path appeared. Later, it was used by trams. In the 1950s, tram traffic was discontinued following reconstruction. On the other hand, the number of automobile lanes has been raised to six. The Brooklyn Bridge connects Brooklyn to Manhattan. This is a true industrial wonder of the world. The bridge is considered one of New York’s main attractions. This structure has six car lanes and a broad sidewalk away from the road. The pedestrian part of the bridge provides stunning views of the East River. Its main span, located above the East River, is nearly 487 meters long.

Interesting facts about the bridge

This is one of the best spots in New York. This tourist location provides stunning views of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River. The wooden crossbars of the bridge add to its unique character.

Cyclists riding at fast speeds may cause some inconvenience to tourists taking photographs.

There are benches where you may sit and relax while watching the sun disappear behind skyscrapers.

The Brooklyn Bridge is the symbol of New York, an architectural marvel that combines power and beauty.

You should definitely visit it. The bridge takes about 10 minutes to walk, and somewhat longer with stops. It makes no difference whether you start from one end of the bridge or another. It is considered third among the top sites in New York, after Times Square and Central Park. You may sail from the east side of Manhattan to the bridge (Brooklyn side) for the same price as using the metro. It is more exciting to sail the East River than to go underground.

It is worth noting that arriving at 5 p.m. allows you to capture both the late afternoon and sunset. The lights of Manhattan are mesmerizing.

It can be difficult to cross the bridge during weekends because there are so many people. You can also experience gorgeous views of the bridge from Brooklyn, where a working carousel is situated under a glass dome.

This is one of those locations that everyone has to visit. Did you know that there is a belief that if you make a wish in the middle of the bridge, it will certainly come true?

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