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Brooklyn is home to many fascinating architectural structures, one of which is Green-Wood Cemetery. Find out what makes it interesting at brooklyn-future.


This is Brooklyn’s cultural and historical landmark. Green-Wood Cemetery is surprisingly unknown to many New Yorkers, but it is unparalleled in terms of beauty, serenity and historical significance. The iconic Green-Wood Cemetery was planned as a rural one. However, burials in the city were becoming less and less common. So they started to use the cemetery in Greenwood. By the way, this land was originally intended to be the site of Brooklyn’s first public park. However, Green-Wood Cemetery has grown in demand, resulting in competition for the construction of Manhattan’s Central Park as well as nearby Prospect Park.

It was eventually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This occurred in 1997.

Every year, it draws hundreds of thousands of tourists. People who visit the cemetery’s green forest will be amazed by its natural beauty and solemnity, as well as its amazing architecture. After all, 600,000 people are buried here, including many well-known personalities. The cemetery is rich in history: many burials are several centuries old, and it’s fascinating to see how many German surnames can be found on the graves.

In 2006, it was designated a National Historic Landmark. In addition, the 25th Street gates, Weir Greenhouse and the Fort Hamilton Parkway Gate & Green-Wood Cemetery Chapel were granted separate status. They are regarded as one of the top attractions in the city.

Interesting facts about the cemetery

The landscape is distinctive, with mountainous hills and valleys, natural ponds and trails winding through lush green lawns studded with flowers and succulents, stunning sculptures and architectural monuments and distant views of the Statue of Liberty. This is an extremely unique place to relax from the hectic pace of modern life.

Rich in flora and fauna, this area is exceptionally well-maintained. This is an ideal place to go for a walk as it’s peaceful and relaxing. It’s cozy and beautiful here, and hardly any new burials take place. Entrance to the cemetery is free, and it is about a 10-minute walk from the same-named metro station. There is a church, a pond and seating places on the premises. Many well-known figures, including Samuel Morse, are buried here. There are also beautiful hills surrounding the cemetery. Furthermore, it provides an amazing view of the city.

There are numerous trails, ponds and plenty of history. The place offers guided tours. Many tourists snap pictures, walk around, admire the architecture, sit on a bench, pray or simply wander.

This is one of the most popular sites among New Yorkers. No matter how often they come here. It always leaves you breathless. It’s always amazing, no matter what time of year. It’s an excellent location to take some fantastic fall photos.

This cemetery is home to a colony of parrots that have adapted over many decades, not only to survive the hard winters but also to increase their population. This is an incredible and magnificent sight.

The location is ideal for walking, with a peaceful atmosphere and a stunning view. In truth, many people take a stroll here when the weather is pleasant and the surroundings appear safe. There are many burials that date back several hundred years and the nature here is fantastic. Green-Wood Cemetery is an excellent spot to clear your thoughts in the midst of chaos. Quiet, calm and serene.

There are massive trees hundreds of years old, as well as beautiful mausoleums. The Hillside Mausoleum is a very famous tourist site. Be sure to take a look inside. The catacombs are also noteworthy.

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