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IT startups specializing in the Internet of Things, or IoT, have recently become rather widespread. It should be noted that under this network concept, certain interconnected physical devices with built-in sensors and software transmit and exchange data. Furthermore, this interchange occurs between the physical world and computer systems. Moreover, the process is autonomous. This is made possible through standard protocols and, of course, your smartphone. Startupers are ready to benefit from these opportunities. Read about one of these startups at brooklyn-future.

Access control system

KISI is an access control system designed for business facilities. KISI enables you to manage office security from your smartphone, with features such as digital keys, access restriction settings, multi-location management and key usage history. Simply put, the KISI startup allows you to protect people, property and assets. Furthermore, all of this can be done remotely, with an accessible dashboard that allows you to grant and revoke access in seconds.

You can optimize your daily tasks by integrating KISI with your existing software. You can also expand your space with forward-looking access control that scales to your business needs. Another advantage of this startup is its ability to control all the spaces from a single pane of glass anywhere and at any time. You may easily set access levels for the entire enterprise. Alternatively, you can integrate door access with your SSO provider to access information about who enters and exits your premises.

Manage anywhere and anytime

You will also require suitable software. Furthermore, convenience and simplicity have no negative impact on functionality. The dashboard lets you handle all administrator and user permissions. It is simple to access the space with a wave of your hand, a tap on your smartphone or regular keyfobs or cards.

The technology available at KISI is ideal for any space. Furthermore, you may either adopt the entire KISI solution or update the existing access control system. The controller secures your area by ensuring smooth synchronization of hardware and software. KISI readers let you enter your place in your way while also providing easy control over access from anywhere. If you wish to cut installation costs, there is no problem. Connect your existing readers and cables to KISI. Step-by-step, choose which aspects of your present access system to keep to avoid exceeding your budget. Then connect to the cloud and use remote global management and over-the-air updates.

Universal equipment

In addition, you can get a full image of all your workspace utilizing the global KISI management settings. You simply need to combine the existing security settings to establish a comprehensive access control system that can be handled from a single pane of glass. Seamless credentials, such as the Apple Wallet, aid in implementation and provide access from anywhere. Switching to KISI allows you to use your existing software and hardware to reduce costs. KISI provides numerous simple deployment choices that match your needs.

Thus, we can claim that the KISI startup connects physical doors to the cloud, allowing people to access their properties more safely and conveniently while protecting them. The startup’s objective is to produce the smartest security system that exists today. 

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