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Mobile app developers are continuously working on new apps to fulfill a variety of demands. Many universities, libraries and government organizations order programs for themselves. They aid in increasing work quality and assisting clients. The Brooklyn Public Library is one of the largest library chains in Brooklyn and Kings County. Continue reading at brooklyn-future.

An app for convenience

Even in the age of the internet, people continue to visit libraries. The Brooklyn Public Library is well-known for its extensive collection of books, academic papers, manuscripts and other materials. Additionally, not all of it is available on the global network. The services of the library are used not only by Brooklyn residents. Also, sometimes you need a book or other material on your hands, or you need to personally handle certain issues (like paying a fine).

To address all of these issues, the library management created an application. It lets you check the availability of a specific book and manage the accounts of the entire family. This is particularly useful as it allows you to ensure that children do not lose or forget to return books on time.

Considering that New York is a large metropolis, book booking is a useful feature. You can reserve a book using the app and it will be held until you pick it up. The Brooklyn Public Library, like others, charges a fine for late returns or book damage. The app allows you to pay these fines without having to go to the place in person. You can also extend the rental period for the book.

Historical background

The decision to establish a public library network in Brooklyn was made in 1892. Long before that, in 1852, notable Brooklynites established the Brooklyn Athenaeum and Reading Room. This was the very first modern Brooklyn library. However, back then, only the wealthy could afford to read. Back then, libraries were similar to closed elite clubs. It was off-limits for ordinary people. The rich, on the other hand, took care of their education. The library’s first collection was very vast. It encompassed all fields of science.

The Brooklyn Mercantile Library Association of the City of Brooklyn was founded in 1857. The founders were businessmen, industrial magnates and merchants. Stephen Buttrick was in charge. In 1878, it was renamed the Brooklyn Public Library. The establishment of the library was the subject of thoughtful planning. It took about a year to compile the collection’s catalog.

The first free library was located at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Its doors were open to the public, not just students and professors.

The Brooklyn Public Library system was established in 1892.

The Brooklyn Public Library is a non-profit organization. It exists thanks to city budget support and sponsorship donations. The latter greatly aided the library back at the time. It was able to grow to an unprecedented scale.

Between 1901 and 1923, philanthropist Andrew Carnegie donated 1,6 million dollars. The organization’s administration was able to wisely allocate this money and establish 21 branches.

Many historically significant books are housed in its collection. It’s not just scientific works and fiction. In 2020, the Brooklyn Historical Society merged with the library. This has increased the significance of the Brooklyn Public Library and elevated it to the status of borough historical and cultural heritage.

The Central Library, the first branch of the Public Library, is located at 26 Brevoort Place and has become the hallmark of the library chain.

It was the vast network of Brooklyn libraries that made the development of an app necessary. After all, there is no need to visit every library in quest of a specific book. Furthermore, this is just the beginning of digitalization for Brooklyn and its organizations.

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