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Twenty-five years ago, it was difficult to find a job that required Python or Ruby on Rails skills. Nowadays, it may appear difficult to find employment that doesn’t require expertise in complex technical languages. As a result, coding schools began to sprout up around the country to “equip” people with the skills required to compete in today’s changing job market. Find additional information about the startup that will assist you in gaining the necessary programming knowledge, as well as the associated expenses, at brooklyn-future.

Scalable educational model

The founders of Thinkful aim to outperform the competition with their innovative mentorship program. According to Brooklyn startupers, no other school provides the same level of individual support as Thinkful.

Founded in 2012, Thinkful received several significant initial investments in its early years, allowing the company to lay a solid basis and plan its future activities. All because the team received a $9.6 million tranche from Owl Ventures. As a result, the Brooklyn-based startup has officially joined the mainstream movement of those teaching coding. Furthermore, it plans to expand. Thinkful has been working for five years to develop a sustainable, scalable educational model that is accessible and transparent to students. The company’s representatives believe that training classes are a thing of the past. The fact is that they exclusively operate in the biggest cities, so people are forced to quit their employment or relocate and then go to work in a typical office. Thinkful finds this scenario to be somewhat outdated.

Payment options

The platform offers online courses in full design, interface development and data science. The courses are designed to be completed in six months, which is about 20-30 hours a week. Theoretically, it is possible to complete the Thinkful program while working full-time, as more than 60 percent of students do.

Thinkful also provides training class-style programs, such as the engineering immersion program, which requires full training over five months.

When it comes to training, Thinkful ensures that their training programs are accessible to people of all levels of experience and income. Payment choices include settlement as you progress, deferred monthly payments and income-sharing agreements that ensure you don’t start paying until you acquire a job with a salary of more than 40,000 a year. According to statistics, more than 92 percent of Thinkful graduates found employment within six months after graduation.

Distance learning programs

All programs are available remotely, allowing students to learn from any place they want to. In addition to the convenience for people with a changing work schedule, Thinkful expects that this distance learning experience will assist in equalizing the distribution of qualified tech workers in the United States.

After all, the IT sector is rapidly expanding outside of America’s major cities, but it is stalling due to a shortage of world-class education that equips workers with cutting-edge skills. The goal behind Thinkful is to reach people wherever they are.

While Thinkful students can study from anywhere, the company is headquartered in Brooklyn, and the office relocated there in late 2016. Both Thinkful co-founders, Dan Friedman and CEO Darrell Silver, are from New York, where their families currently live. Just as the majority of students do. Thus, everyone prefers to stay where they are.

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