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It is no longer true that Manhattan is the only tech hub in New York. Due to its large office space and inexpensive rents, Brooklyn has become a desirable location destination for startups. Learn more about several startups and technology companies that have started operations in the city’s most populous area at brooklyn-future.

Medly – prescription delivery

The founders of Medly opened an office in the Broadway Triangle. This startup is aimed at making it easier to order prescription drugs as the process is really simple. As a result, Medly optimizes this process for patients. As a digital pharmacy, Medly allows patients to place orders via phone calls, text messages or mobile apps. After sending a request, users can track their shipment using the Medly smartphone app. Additionally, free delivery on the day of the order makes it even more convenient for Medly customers.

Atomic – training programs

Atomic has worked jointly with publishers and ed-tech companies to create digital products and software that can help people learn the basics and nuances of reading. The company’s team of engineers, programmers, designers and content managers works with clients to produce customized apps that best meet their students’ reading goals, including the ability to access books, read at their own pace and track and analyze their reading progress. Atomic’s office is located in Brooklyn’s Northwest District – Dumbo.

Back Market – second-hand electronic devices

Back Market’s major goal is to reduce the amount of e-waste. The startup provides a marketplace for customers to purchase high-quality refurbished electronic goods. Companies that offer products on the Back Market go through stringent procedures to ensure the product’s quality. This allows users to receive high-quality refurbished electronics while reducing the number of devices that end up in the trash. The Back Market office is located in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Cityblock – social services

Founded in 2017, Cityblock Health aims to combine three critical components: primary health care, behavioral care and social services, traditionally, for disadvantaged groups. Usually, when Brooklynites try to schedule an appointment with a doctor it takes two weeks and happens in an unfamiliar Midtown office. Cityblock Health, on the other hand, uses a user-friendly digital platform to connect its users to the services they require most in their area and on their schedule.  The company’s office is situated in the Dumbo neighborhood.

Paperspace – internet technologies

Paperspace offers virtual desktop rental services. The platform enables a standard Macbook or Chromebook to work with complex programs for business or personal use. The bottom line is that rather than purchasing new hardware, users can access all of their data from any cloud-connected device, including continuous backup, advanced processing and shared storage. The startup’s office is in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood.

Nowsta – company management

Nowsta uses advanced training technology to automate many of the operations that businesses undertake to manage their employees and finances. The company’s universal platform provides organizations with a paperless, centralized solution for managing scheduling, email integration and payroll procedures, saving business owners money and time on HR maintenance. The startup’s office is located on the East River Greenway in Vinegar Hill.

Smallhold – food and logistics

Smallhold restores food and local mushroom production to communities around the United States of America. While the corporation has macro facilities, it also operates a network of several mini-farms. Restaurants, grocery stores and other local businesses can pick where to grow their mushrooms. Customers may now find freshly cultivated mushrooms in their area.

Philo – digital media

Philo is a customizable entertainment startup that aims to provide users with more control over their TV programs. Customers who purchase the Philo package have access to over 60 channels and may view a countless variety of shows and movies. This service is also available in a variety of formats, including Mac web browser, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV. As a result, users may watch their favorite content in the most comfortable environment.

SportsRecruits – sportsman recruitment

SportsRecruits simplifies the college recruitment process for student-athletes. The platform was created by former athletes and includes complete student-athlete profiles and a messaging system that connects sportsmen with college coaches throughout the country. The physical headquarters of the athletes’ startup are located in the heart of Brooklyn.

BioLite – green, cleantech

The Biolite company started with the concept of creating a camping stove that does not use fossil fuels, but it has since evolved into an eco-friendly home cooking device that decreases emissions by more than 90 percent and fuel usage by half. In addition to the kitchen equipment, Biolite products can charge electronics and power LED lights. The startup is headquartered in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood.

Motivate – transport

Motivate promotes innovative bicycle transport in cities. As a global bicycle sales leader, the company cooperates with governments and corporations around the world to implement an environmentally friendly method of transportation in major cities. Motivate assists in planning, implementing, marketing and finding partners for a bike-sharing program in each city. The company’s office is in Industry City.

Venn – real estate

Venn has become one of the technological companies that help people connect with their communities. The platform allows users to get involved in their local area, find the perfect accommodation and interact with people in the area. Their rental search system helps clients find apartments that suit their needs, making it easier to find both shared and private accommodations and guides people through subleases, particularly those with fewer issues.

HowGood – food tech

HowGood’s mission is to inform consumers about the foods that they eat. The startup cooperates with food experts and farmers to deliver accurate information on the origins of your food. From pasta to manufacturing, HowGood collects data from over 350 sources to track food production from producer to store. Products are rated according to the “good, better, best” system. The company’s office is located in Greenpoint.

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