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There are plenty of technical universities in New York and Brooklyn. There are private IT schools that teach all the fundamentals of computer programming for a fixed fee. Although student loans are common practice in the United States, not everyone can afford them. Then free courses come to the rescue. There are several places in Brooklyn that provide free seminars and lessons on various aspects of IT. Find out more at brooklyn-future.

Where to start

IT is not just about writing codes, programs, mobile apps and more. It encompasses anything relating to the world of computers. It even includes basic knowledge of computers and the Internet. This aspect is particularly relevant for older people who did not grow up with gadgets and the internet.

Seminars and lessons on basic computer use are offered on a regular basis at 1305 Cortelyou Rd in Brooklyn. Anyone can come and get their questions answered. Not everyone has the opportunity to be taught by family or friends. Also, not everyone has the patience or pedagogical skills to teach someone even basic user skills.

A similar course for beginners is offered by the Eastern Parkway Library on Schenectady Avenue.

Jamaica Bay Library on East 98th Street took it a step further. They developed a one-on-one technology program. It varies from beginner classes in that it provides assistance to those who are doubtful about their capacity to learn. However, it is not only computers that cause issues. It’s difficult to find a push-button phone in the twenty-first century. Modern smartphones do not always offer simple applications. Older people may struggle to understand them. They require assistance in accessing applications, video calls, contactless payments and so on.

The one-on-one program is useful because it prevents people from filling their heads with unnecessary information. They ask a specific question and receive an answer. Admission dates are provided on the library’s website, visitors are assisted on a first-come, first-served basis. A similar program is available at the Kensington Library.

Bushwick Library has created a course on mastering email. It is difficult to live in America without using email. You have to indicate it everywhere, whether applying for a job, filling out official forms or making internet transactions. However, it may not be as easy as it seems.

Why is it so important?

The internet has entered the lives of almost every person in the world. We can use it to find a job, work, make purchases, book trips and tickets and communicate with our relatives. All this together adds to the benefits of the internet. Even though, its original purpose was to serve as a repository for information. However, in the twenty-first century, few people utilize the Internet solely for educational purposes. Unfortunately, the appearance of the darknet significantly diminished the noble intentions of its founder, Tim Berners-Lee.

Despite its prevalence, not everyone understands how to use it. Teenagers and young adults spend a large portion of their lives on social media. However, not all older people possess the skills necessary for using it, even at the level of a basic user. So, the Sheepshead Bay Library has created a course on mastering social media.

This allows people to use the World Wide Web effectively as well as for personal and entertaining purposes. Keeping in touch with one another is made easier by social networks.

The entire world is making progress toward digitization. Brooklyn and New York are no exception. One day, computer technologies will be integrated into every citizen’s daily life. It will also be challenging for individuals who are unfamiliar with technology.

Of course, if you require specialized help working with computer programs, such as accounting software, you will need to look for professional or private courses. Any deepening and broadening of knowledge in the IT industry will be costly. However, most of the time, these are required expenses.

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