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Brooklyn is home to a diverse range of educational institutions. One of the top educational facilities in the borough is the New York City College of Technology (City Tech). It is also one of the best places to learn computer technology and immerse yourself in the world of IT. Find out more at brooklyn-future.

Education for military men

The college was established in 1946. Back then, it had a different specialization, Applied Arts. It was one of the most prestigious universities in New York. Following World War II, a large number of former soldiers returned to the city. Accordingly, they had to reintegrate into society. So, they needed to receive an education. That was City Tech’s number one priority. Technical specializations were also required by the city in order to restore the post-war economy.  In 1946, the college had only 246 students. However, the number grew up to 30 thousand after the 2000s.

At the end of the nineteenth century, it was renamed the New York Trade School. Like most educational facilities, the institution underwent a number of changes.

As a result of the change, City Tech now offers more than 60 bachelor’s and specialist degrees. The list of faculties and specialties includes basic disciplines such as architecture, construction, nursing, computer technology and more. The university was accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Thus, its competence was verified.

Faculties and campus

City Tech offers a wide range of computer disciplines, including communication design, computer and engineering technologies, computer systems and electrical technologies.

The School of Arts and Sciences offers a more in-depth study of Computer Science. The university’s material and technological base enables students to train to a suitable level so that they can compete in the labor market after graduation.

There is a sizable library on the college’s grounds, which has gradually been filled with books and useful literature. In 1957, the college’s administration was forced to recruit the first library director. After all, the library has expanded greatly. However, the library was not digitalized until 2012. Only in 2012 did they connect to the global network, allowing everyone to freely access the materials and academic works of students and professors. Up until that point, the library solely kept paper copies of all of the works, including theses and doctorates.

The home of science

The New York City College of Technology is a well-funded institution. In the United States, it is customary to make donations to various educational institutions. By 2023, over the course of its existence, the college has received around $12 million in donations. This money is used to improve the lives of students at the University. For example, City Tech has nine buildings in downtown Brooklyn. There are college offices, a library, the School of Professional Studies and the School of Arts and Sciences.

The School of Technology and Design is located at Voorhees Hall in DUMBO. One of the most outstanding buildings of the college is considered to be City Tech Tower, a 65-story skyscraper designed by Renzo Piano. This skyscraper accommodates 600 housing units for students and teachers, as well as educational sections.

The college was constantly expanding. In 2013, they officially started the groundwork for the 350 thousand-square-foot structure. It took place once again in Downtown Brooklyn, on the junction of Tillary and Jay. The university spent five years on the construction. They also preferred to keep their financial expenses secret. The visual representation of a university is just as essential as the achievements of its graduates and faculty.

The academic complex occupies an eight-story structure. City Tech has created a healthcare and science program. It was decided to extend it, which necessitated more space. The faculties of Physics, Chemistry and Biological Sciences are also housed in the same building as the health program.

In addition to classrooms and laboratories, the facility features a concert hall with one thousand seats. It grew to be the largest hall among the universities in downtown Brooklyn.

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