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We all utilize mobile apps in the twenty-first century. There are countless creative concepts for creating them. For both, ones that are carefully targeted at people with certain hobbies and requirements, as well as popular social networks and dating applications. TekRevol is a company that mainly specializes in creating mobile applications. But it doesn’t stop there. Their background and work are fascinating as well. They create apps that are relevant to the people of Brooklyn. Learn more at brooklyn-future.

Two enthusiasts

The implementation of any business idea requires the main element, determination. It is difficult to accomplish anything without self-belief. TekRevol was founded in 2018. The founders were two people with technical education. They belonged to different social classes. However, they were united by the idea and desire to develop an IT company that would transform the world of digital technologies.

They began their journey by developing mobile applications. This sector of IT is, understandably, cheaper to operate. After all, it does not require a large team or narrowly specialized specialists. Some IT specialists create programs on their own.

TekRevol soon grew to the size of a multinational corporation. The range of services offered has likewise expanded. Mobile app development has slipped into the background. Digital development, enterprise software development,and others came to the forefront.

The success of the organization had been determined by clear guidelines and an understanding of their work. Critical components of TekRevol’s success are customer focus and the quality of the end product. Furthermore, TekRevol is always one step ahead. The IT world moves quickly. It is continuously evolving, and it might be difficult to keep up with. TekRevol is always working to predict future changes and have enough time to develop a product that meets new realities. TekRevol has offices not only in New York but also around the world. Companies in Brooklyn make active use of their services.


DARA is a unique TekRevol app. Mobile applications are developed to increase the quality of work in a specific industry, for amusement, convenience and a variety of other reasons. DARA is a device designed to assist people whose loved ones require care in their old age. Finding a trustworthy caregiver for a close relative is not easy.

How can I locate someone who is trustworthy and meets all of my requirements? These were the questions that the creators of DARA seemed to be asking. Christopher Pascoe, in particular,  turned to TekRevol to develop the program and implement his idea.

This app has evolved into a two-way communication tool. Now it is relevant not just to recruiters but also to applicants. If a person has prior expertise in caring for the elderly, DARA can help them find a new job. There is also a local branch of the New York City employment center in Brooklyn. You can apply for help there, as well as use their job search services. There is also the Brooklyn Career Center at 9 Bond Street. This is an alternative to DARA for job seekers.

Furthermore, the app allows you to evaluate the work and profile of a particular nurse. Such programs did not exist at the time DARA was created. Thus, it was able to establish itself as an interesting and original concept. TekRevol was the first to implement it.

While working on DARA, the company demonstrated to all potential customers their high level of professionalism. Pascoe, after all, was in touch with the development team around the clock. At any moment, he could find out what stage the work was at and control the smallest details. In this case, TekRevol served as an intermediary third-party contractor.

The meaning of the app for Brooklyn residents

Brooklyn is a self-sufficient borough with a large number of geriatric centers. Among these are Brooklyn United Methodist Church Home, Bishop Hucles Nursing Home, Mercy Place Keon Park and others. They may be found across the entire borough, including Prospect Place, Herkimer Street, Dean Street and Cedar Street. It is not difficult to find the right one. However, not everyone is willing to entrust their loved ones to such facilities. The DARA program is the best option in this scenario.

TekRevol does not reveal information on its customers, although the team claims that their apps are actively used throughout New York.

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