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There are numerous attractions in New York, however, if you are looking for a place to snap stunning shots and enjoy beautiful views without being surrounded by crowds of tourists, visit the Kosciuszko Bridge. Read more about it in our article at brooklyn-future.

What is the bridge famous for?

This is New York City’s iconic (cable-stayed) bridge across Newtown Creek, connecting Greenpoint in Brooklyn with Maspeth in Queens, which fascinates everyone with its lights. The bridge is named after Polish General T. Kosciuszko, who helped fight for American independence. He served during the American Revolution as an engineer and, ironically, destroyed several British bridges. Following the war, T. Kosciuszko returned to Poland and fought for independence until the end of his life. He died in 1817.

The bridge underwent a recent renovation. All because the old bridge was in awful condition. Potholes and uncontrolled traffic have been a major concern for motorists. Due to multiple car accidents, constant heavy traffic would come to an abrupt stop. Governor Cuomo made a whole show out of the destruction of an old bridge. In an interview with reporters, he expressed his relief that the old Kosciuszko Bridge was demolished and that a new, safer one could be built. Rumor has it that Cuomo intended to rename the bridge after his brother, but the Poles opposed it. By the way, many Americans witnessed the bridge demolition online. The video of the bridge’s collapse went viral on social networks.

The old bridge needed to be replaced since it was 80 years old. It was erected in 1939. The reconstructed bridge opened in 2017. The construction cost the authorities $825 million. The original bridge was demolished and scrapped.

The new structure has more lanes and is much cleaner and safer, but it is still completely jam-packed, although a divider on the east span that redirects Long Island traffic has reduced congestion on the route to Queens. The tops of the bridge towers are adorned with statues of coat of arms eagles, Polish and American.

Reasons to visit this location

Did you know that this is one of the best undiscovered sites in New York?

It is very modern in comparison to other bridges in the area, but not quite as impressive as the huge bridges that lead to Manhattan. This is a stunning architectural structure worth admiring. In terms of design, this is a typical 21st-century bridge intended to serve for 100 years. Lighting is its distinguishing feature. When you drive from Manhattan late at night, you will be pleasantly surprised by the constantly changing LED lights on the cable-stayed bridge. Furthermore, during the holidays, the bridge is lit to resemble the American flag, which looks stunning. The warm colors that light brightly at nighttime will add color to the night and make driving more enjoyable. Especially when you’re tired and caught in traffic.

The bridge features a bike path, which is not a tourist attraction, but it is something that locals love. On the bridge, you may get beautiful sunset views of the Manhattan skyline. Calvary Cemetery is nearby and is worth a visit for tourists. If you get there, you can also see a spectacular night light show. All of this without crowds and absolutely free of charge. Locals believe this is the ideal location for watching fireworks and sunsets just in time for July 4th. By the way, many residents regard this bridge as the most beautiful in New York. This is because this bridge is always the centerpiece of every cycling, cross-country or motorbike route. The spectacular views of the city, combined with the dark and mysterious cemetery, breathtaking sunsets and a steep climb, have made it a favorite among many Brooklyn residents.

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