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The Manhattan Bridge is the next bridge to the north of the famous Brooklyn Bridge. Unlike the Brooklyn Bridge, it is entirely made of steel, nevertheless stunningly beautiful. Read more about it in our article at brooklyn-future.

History of the bridge

The Manhattan Bridge is an elegant metal construction that spans two kilometers and rises 40 meters over the East River. Its construction was groundbreaking for its time. It reflects the industrial style of a bygone era, as well as the might of cutting-edge technology and innovation. Looking at it, you can feel the strength and power of metal. We recommend that you visit it and admire the wonder of the engineering world. This is another bridge that connects Manhattan to Brooklyn. It serves many metro trains and features bike paths. There are considerably fewer pedestrians. The bridge crosses the East River in New York City and connects Lower Manhattan at Canal Street with Downtown Brooklyn.

The architects of this amazing structure were Carrère and Hastings. The bridge was constructed between 1901 and 1910. However, the opening ceremony occurred in December 1909. Its construction at the time cost $31 million. The structure is 2,089 meters long. The bridge is divided into two levels, with the upper tier accommodating automobile, pedestrian and cyclist traffic. The metro line runs on the lower tier.

The bridge’s suspension cables span 983 meters. The overall length is 2089 meters. The road bridge features four lanes of traffic, four metro tracks and bike paths.

You can get here by car, train, bicycle or on foot.

A walk through it takes about 20 minutes and allows you to appreciate the East River, both cities and their architectural marvels.

By the way, extensive renovations began in 1992. Following that, the bridge’s reconstruction was continually postponed due to major structural issues discovered throughout the repair process.

In 2009, the bridge celebrated its 100th anniversary. To celebrate, the New York City Bridge Centennial Commission organized a variety of different events. In the same year, the bridge was designated as a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

What makes the bridge so attractive?

The architecture and uniqueness of this bridge are just remarkable. You may enjoy a nice walk by leaving Manhattan by the Brooklyn Bridge and returning by the Manhattan Bridge, or the other way around.

The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges offer fantastic perspectives of Lower Manhattan. To get stunning views, go along the Manhattan Bridge on the side closest to the Brooklyn Bridge.  A great option is to walk two kilometers on one side. There are holes in the grid, so you can take photos. It makes an ideal route to leave Manhattan and then return across the Brooklyn Bridge. You can walk from York Station and admire the line of skyscrapers and the nearby bridge. To do this, follow the left walkway. The bridge provides a wonderful view of the city, and there are few people here, however taking photographs can be difficult due to the grid that runs the length of the pedestrian road.

Tourists like walking along the Manhattan Bridge, which provides great views of Chinatown and the Brooklyn Bridge. It provides the greatest views of Lower Manhattan as well. It’s the most beautiful and pleasant area to enjoy the summer sunset.

Furthermore, it is a popular recreational destination among locals. They enjoy taking walks here in their free time. Locals also enjoy jogging here.

By the way, the bridge looks very good in the nightlights. Walking from Manhattan, you can buy small souvenirs at reasonable prices. There is also a lovely waterfront area where you can sit and relax while admiring views of the Manhattan skyline. You should undoubtedly visit this place to enjoy all the sights of New York.

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